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AISI 304 (18/10)

De Buyer selects the highest European stainless steels strictly stamped AISI 304 and AISI 430, the best food grade stainless steels: robust, hygienic, guaranty without any heavy metal residues. They combine their very different properties to manufacture high performing collections.

AISI 304 (called 18/10 too) is highly corrosion resistant thanks to its 8.3-10% proportion of Nickel. It is used in all de Buyer's collections to shape the pan. But the AISI 304 has a poor thermal conductivity and cannot work on induction. De Buyer compensates this weakness by adding an external bottom made of AISI 430 (called 18/0) on its Milady & Prim'Appety collections. AISI 430, ferritic, is magnetic (works on induction) and has a far better thermal conductivity. De Buyer will even add 4 additional external layers of ultra thermal conductivity materials to its acclaimed Affinity & French multilayer collections with results close to copper pans in terms of heat sensitivity and homogenous diffusion .

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  • 避免電磁爐加熱變形,確保溫度逐漸升高增加
  • 不要使用助力器
  • 空鍋時不要使鍋過熱
  • 延長烹飪時間或烤箱烹飪,建議使用隔熱手套,用於握住加熱後的不銹鋼手柄。
  • 切勿過熱(250°C最大),並且不要留下空的鍋放在任何類型的加熱中爐具上。
  • 用海綿和洗滌液清潔。 可適用洗碗機。
  • 保持內部光潔度光亮,可用開水煮沸一杯水一茶匙醋。