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Steel :searing, grilling frying 
roasting browning 

Nonstickre-heating – low 
temperature cooking 

Stainless Steel : browning & reduction, immersion

Copper : chef's favorite. browning, reduction & 
very precise cooking 

Carbon Steel (Iron)

These timeless pans are ideal for High-temperature cooking. By reaching quickly and sustaining high temperature, Iron Frypans are simply the best and first choice of a Chef to sear and grill steaks, caramelize meat juices, onions and vegetables, brown potatoes, or perfectly fry fish. Steel pans are not a Chef choice to stew or slow cooking dishes. In addition, those extremely robust pans are very affordable compared with other material.

But iron pans are much heavier than other materials and need to be seasoned to protect them from rust and develop a natural nonstick properties. It's not complicated, but that's a regular process you must be willing to do and consider before buying iron pans.

LYONNAISE, thickness 1~1.2mm

BLUE FORCE, thickness 2mm

MINERAL B ELEMENT, thickness 2.5~3mm


Nonstick coatings have 3 great advantages: their food nonstick properties of course,  their ease of wash and their light weight. But they are poor heat conductor compared with iron pans. This is why nonstick pans are usually used by professionals to cook delicate foods (fish, egg…), cook healthy with low fat + to preserve vitamins or re-heat food, at medium or low-temperature cooking. They are not recommended to fry, grill or cook at high temperature. They don't replace your iron pans, stainless steel or copper pans, they complete them. You should always have one at least at hand, so convenient.

You don't have to worry about de Buyer's nonstick coating. They are PFOA free. And if you accept that nonstick pans excels to cook on slow to medium power heat, they will never be toxic.

Guidelines to maintain their best nonstick characteristics 

NEVER heat an empty nonstick pan
Cook on low to medium heat power
DO NOT use metal or sharp utensil in the pan
Wash by hand, dishwasher is not recommended

Stainless Steel

Forged Aluminum

Cast Aluminum

Stainless Steel

When it comes to stainless steel, prices can vary a lot and that may surprise you. There are really good technical and performance reasons behind such price differences.

De Buyer selects the highest European stainless steels strictly stamped AISI 304 (called 18/10 too) and AISI 430 (called 18/0), the best food grade stainless steels: robust, hygienic, guaranty without any heavy metal residues. 

AISI 304  is highly corrosion resistant thanks to its 8.3-10% proportion of Nickel. It is used in all de Buyer's collections to shape the pan. But the AISI 304 has a poor thermal conductivity and cannot work on induction. De Buyer compensates this weakness by adding an external bottom made of AISI 430  on its Milady & Prim'Appety collections. AISI 430, ferritic, is magnetic (works on induction) and has a far better thermal conductivity. De Buyer will even add 4 additional external layers of ultra thermal conductivity materials to its acclaimed Affinity & French multilayer collections with results close to copper pans in terms of heat sensitivity and homogenous diffusion.

de Buyer stainless steel cookware can be used on any source of heat, including induction, from low to high power, is dishwasher safe so easy to maintain.  

Mono Stainless Steel layer with thick sandwich bottom

Multi Layers Stainless Steel 


Copper cookware is essential for the serious chef. Copper heats and cools within seconds and its excellent conductivity ensures quick and even heat distribution throughout the whole pan, a must-have for a cuisine of precision, delicate preparations such as sauces and reductions in the French style. De Buyer copper cookware is made of thick copper with an inner thin layer of stainless steel to protect your food (90% copper - 10% stainless-steel)


The only copper cookware of quality (2 mm thick) working flawlessly on induction, a patent De Buyer.


Our traditional copper cookware collections (no induction) in three types of handles: cast-iron, brass or stainless-steel.

Prima Matera_Induction

Inocuivre_No Induction