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Handcrafted by Master Cutler C. DOZORME

While a historic Laguiole knife maker (120 years), Claude Dozorme has never stopped innovating by combining High tech and Tradition. Dozorme offers to Thiers its magnificent sommelier knife, and the result is sublime.

Modernity added to tradition

Thiers Sommelier is one of few finely handcrafted corkscrew (but the most beautiful) to have switched to the much acclaimed double lever. The double lever makes uncorking a bottle in two stages. It's easier and the risk to break the cork is reduced.

Thier Sommelier uses the latest strong  Torx screws to fix the handles, a tapered bit again for ease of uncorking, and patented self tightening axis. You can now fix yourself the issues of loose lever or drill happening with time thanks to the wrench provided. 

Thiers Sommelier technical details: double stage lever, self tightening axis, tapered bit...

Thiers is the twin sister and brother of Laguiole

Thiers is a city located 200 km north of Laguiole, and is France & Europe cutlery capital since The Middle Age. Most Laguiole knives have been produced by Thiers cutlers after the First World War, which left Laguiole cutlers devasted until their resurgence in 1980's. 

But Thiers, like Laguiole, is also therefore a knife, produced exclusively by Thiers city Master cutlers. With a very different shape than Laguiole knives, strictly following the same ancestral traditions and quality shared with their brother Laguiole.