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France handmade collections

Made in France by extremely skilled craftsmen, those little pieces of art require patented and secret mechanisms, wonderful various handles made of premium wood, horns, metals or composite innovations, dozens of set up operations and hours of careful polishing.


CHATEAU LAGUIOLE corkscrews are the beloved handmade wine openers of wine professionals and wine enthusiasts worldwide. Indeed, the finely crafted materials, the wood warms & fragrance or unique sensation of horn, the relatively heavy weight of those truly magnificent France made openers distinguishes them from all others. A luxury tool & gift you'll keep for life: Chateau Laguiole corkscrews have a lifetime warranty.

Official partner of ASI, Chateau LAGUIOLE creates for each newly elected Best Sommelier of the World, side by side, its personalized Sommelier corkscrew, not only bearing its signature, but symbolizing who the winner is through choices of the handle  materials, shapes or symbols added on purpose. 

The Grand Cru series of Chateau Laguiole were created by transforming the Classics series into a stylish and modern design, with beveled bolster at both endings of the handle.

Thus, the wider bolsters make them even more durable openers, for heavy duty use.


The Classics series of Chateau Laguiole has been designed to emphasize the handle material. With minimalist straight cut bolster at each ending of the handle, versus beveled brass on the Grand Cru series, the warmth of the wood or the glossy touch of the horn make them a discreet and true master piece of artcraft for wine enthusiasts.

The Chateau de Versailles collection is unique and in limited series, since they are exclusively made of wood varieties harvested from the gardens of the famous Chateau de Versailles (or cut actually after a massive & destructive storm dozen of years ago), near Paris in France. Each variety of wood used is between 221 to 324 years old. 




Forge de Laguiole knives are fully handcrafted in-house, at their forge and manufactory in the village of Laguiole, France, where it all begun in 1829. Each knife is the result of the combination of extraordinary materials, the know-how of their Master-Knifesmiths with the precision of a goldsmith. Forge de Laguiole sommelier knives have become the other famous reference signature for the greatest Sommeliers and wine amateurs all around the world.




While a historic Laguiole knife maker (120 years), Master Cutler C. Dozorme has never stopped innovating by combining High tech and Tradition. He crafted Clos Laguiole, the only Laguiole using Torx screws to fix the handles, a tapered bit and patented axis you can retightens anytime yourself with the wrench provided. In addition to the traditional Horn & Premium Wood handle materials, Clos Laguiole introduces magnificent and unique Resins and Mammoth Molar handles. Clos Laguiole requires 45 stages by a skilled knife maker.



THIERS Sommelier

The Thiers Sommelier collection is a superb modern adaptation of the beautiful "Le Thiers" knives into efficient and magnificent handmade corkscrews by Master Cutler Claude Dozorme. The only precious handmade corkscrew collection with the much praised double lever system. Dozorme is a historic Laguiole and Le Thiers knives maker in Thiers city since 1902, always creating new designs and mechanism innovations while respecting its rooted handmade & artcraft traditions.

DOZORME Sommelier

Master Cutler C. Dozorme wished to apply the traditional Laguiole technics and materials to a totally new design and extremely handy sommelier. He then crafted DOZORME SOMMELIER.

"At once a solemn and convivial act, the opening of a bottle requires great care and attention, especially where a Grand Cru or exceptional vintage is concerned. The Dozorme Cutlery Company offers very high-precision corkscrews that have an excellent grip guaranteeing perfect bottle opening without damaging or breaking the cork." - CLAUDE DOZORME.