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De Buyer's nonstick pans take professionalism, daily use, and durability as the core considerations of their R&D and manufacturing. Their most notable features are the robustness of their bodies, their very reinforced coatings (guaranty without hazardous molecules - PFOA free), and a superior technique used for the adhesion of the coating layers. All our collections were originally made for professional cooks with daily heavy use: their quality is far superior than what is usually sold to domestic users.

Each collection is made of a different core material and coating techniques, always with the quest to increase robustness and durability. It is important to understand that the most robust your pan is, the less distortion by heat it will suffer over time, and the better a homogeneous heat distribution. Good quality coatings and superior adhesion techniques as ours improve considerably the coating resistance to scratches and heat. 

Coatings have great advantages: food nonstick properties and ease of wash. But they are poor heat conductor. This is why nonstick pans are used by professionals to cook delicate foods (fish, egg…), cook healthy with low fat + to preserve vitamins or re-heat food, at medium or low-temperature cooking. They are not recommended to fry, grill or cook at high temperature.

Guidelines to maintain their best nonstick characteristics 

  • NEVER heat an empty nonstick pan
  • Cook on low to medium heat power
  • DO NOT use metal or sharp utensil in the pan
  • Wash by hand, dishwasher is not recommended