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Steel frypans & woks

It will quickly reach high temperature, necessary to create the “Maillard reaction”, a cooking process from 140 to 165 °C  which will crust and sear perfectly meat, poultry and fish while keeping their tender texture and improving the flavor of meat juices. It’s ideal as well to brown vegetables and potatoes, grill, fry, or deep fry anything with greater result.

  • Healthy cooking material, iron pans have no coating but will nonetheless develop natural nonstick properties with time and a process called “seasoning”, which will protect them as well from rust.
  • Rust is a natural phenomenon for iron pans. It is not dangerous; it can be removed easily and is not a default of the iron pan. The seasoning process at home will protect it.

If you’re not yet familiar with Iron pans, discover our FAQ about the special care they need, rust, and their seasoning.


The Gourmets' corner

Specialties & ideas

Steak & grill pans

Pancake & Omelette pans

Seafood & Roasting pans

Deep frying & Saute pans

Mineral B

thickness 2.5 - 3mm

De Buyer’s iconic iron collection, Mineral B white steel pans receive a 100% natural sprayed beeswax finish to accelerate their seasoning and favor their natural nonstick properties. Thick and extremely robust, they sustain very high temperature with no damage to spread the heat quickly and homogeneously to quickly seals food, thereby preserving vitamins and nutrients. 

Mineral B Element

The iconic and traditional curved iron handle praised by Chefs and widest choice of pans: steak grill, wok, pancake, plancha...


Mineral B Bois

Three natural elements: steel, wood handle ("bois" in French) and beeswax, used to symbolize the ecological commitment of de Buyer to a healthy and natural cooking. 

Mineral B Removable

Smart de Buyer’s removable handle system to optimize your oven baking option and kitchen storage space.


Mineral B Pro

Professional comfort for this cast stainless-steel handle version able to sustain higher temperature in oven.


Blue Force

thickness 2mm

Blue Force is a medium thick iron pan collection with riveted handles perfect for moderate power heat sources or mild induction. Like Mineral B, it needs to be seasoned: its blue color comes from a natural thermal treatment, it is not a nonstick coating or a seasoning protection.


thickness 1 - 1.2mm

Thinnest of de Buyer’s steel pans range, La Lyonnaise is a lightweight frypan, easy and comfortable to use on heat sources of low intensity. Made of blued steel by natural thermal treatment, which is not a nonstick coating, it needs to be seasoned.

Steel Pans Collection

The iron thickness defines the collection robustness, resistance to heat and induction, control over the heat, its weight and price: the thickest (Mineral B) the most robust and control you get, the thinnest the lightest and lower heat recommended.