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In order to provide you with the best possible online shopping experience, Laguiole Asia maintains a 7-days return policy from the date you received your order (based on the courier delivery receipt date). Please note our policy has restrictions and conditions described in full transparency in this page. In case of doubts don't hesitate to contact us.


Our 7-days return policy means that within 7 days after our courier delivered your order to your place of choice (your home, a convenient store, a SF center...), you can contact us to express your wish to return your full order or a part of it to get a refund, whatever the reason is.

We'll accept the principle of your return with no discussion except for the items listed as "restricted" items below (please read carefully).

However, for us to validate your return and your refund, we will require you to follow our process and respect some essential conditions listed as well below, not complicated (no worry) and essentially based on common sense we believe.

You need to be aware that a participation to the return fees will apply.


1. What's included and what is not in our 7-days return policy?

2. Conditions to accept your return within our 7-days return policy

3. Process of Returning your product

4. Refund process

5. Beyond the limit of 7-days