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The First and famous Laguiole

handmade corkscrews

Chateau Laguiole was the first Laguiole corkscrew to be created, dated back 1992, by French Master Sommelier and Cutler Guy Vialis. The first “sommelier knife” to have adopted and adapted the ancestral handcrafting traditions and symbols of the Laguiole master cutlers, including the famous bee and the art of polishing fine handles made of precious woods and horns.

The elegant slight curve of a Chateau Laguiole (pronounce LAYOL), their handle precious woods warmth & fragrance or unique sensation of the horn and their relatively heavy weight have made them a the beloved tool of sommeliers and wine enthusiasts around the world. A luxury tool & gift you'll keep for life: Chateau Laguiole corkscrews enjoy a lifetime warranty.


Sommeliers & Chateau LAGUIOLE 

Sommeliers & Chateau LAGUIOLE a story of mutual trust & esteem

Guy Vialis, sound sommelier himself and skilled cutler, not only created a magnificent line of corkscrews, but a technical tool to respond perfectly to the needs of professional sommeliers (a genuine Chateau Laguiole is actually pretty difficult to craft).

  • Extremely solid with a life warranty for free fixing when needed is a relief when opening hundred of bottles daily
  • The special curve of the lever is unique and a patent of Chateau Laguiole. Even though not a modern double lever, that curve has been studied to open with no damage both the cork and the bottle, an essential need when opening extremely expensive "grands crus".
  • Chateau Laguiole drill is also unique and a Chateau Laguiole exclusivity, with its central groove made to release the cork pressure and thus extracting even the very old corks with minimal damage.
  • The blade is real dented knife blade for a clean cut of any foil

There's no surprise then that Chateau Laguiole has become the sommeliers' companion and the official partner of the Best Sommelier of the World competition since its origin.

special curve of the lever

drill with a groove

 sharp dented knife



With CHATEAU LAGUIOLE success came afterwards new lines of Laguiole or Thiers handmade corkscrews crafted master cutlers from Auvergne area in France, from Laguiole or nearby city Thiers, where Chateau Laguiole is produced and which has been the cutlery capital of Europe for centuries and a the main Laguiole knives maker. Master Cutlers such as Forge de Laguiole or Claude Dozorme (Clos Laguiole) are as well crafting magnificent and high quality handmade corkscrews with their own systems and designs. It is a normal and healthy competition. 

Unfortunately, Chateau Laguiole is as well purely copied and counterfeit by some unscrupulous and low skilled manufacturers and retailers around the world, not making clear infringement of Chateau Laguiole patents and copyrights but mainly cheating customers. While sometime hard to distinguish visually, the quality is not comparable. Don't be trapped by abnormal low prices you may find anywhere. The high price of a genuine Chateau Laguiole comes from the quality of the materials used and the numerous hand operations required by skilled craftsmen.

Feel safe to purchase your genuine & original Chateau Laguiole with us, ACCESS WINE & LIVING: our mother company Hyphenea has been the official importer in of Chateau Laguiole in many Asian countries since 2010 and will assist you to enjoy the lifetime warranty.