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Welcome to LAGUIOLE-ASIA ! Be our Member , Enjoy 50 HK$ Credit

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Laguiole Asia Membership Program

While you can buy in our store without setting up an account, there’s plenty of advantages to sign up for our Membership. And becoming a Member of our Cooking & Wine Lovers community is free and extremely easy: you just need to sign up and fill up the basic data needed to start enjoying numerous benefits of our program. Yeah, we know, that sounds very common, but wait…


So, what are those benefits ?

Receive right away 50 HK$ of store credit when you sign up. You can spend them immediately in our store (validity 60 days, in the limit of 6% of your order): Bam!
For every 100 HK$ you spend, you receive 1% of store credit in your account that you can accumulate and use within 1 year: Bam! Bam!
Every year, we wish you a Happy Birthday: you receive an additional 100 HK$ (validity 30 days, in the limit of 6% of your order) – that’s not Bam! That’s COOL!
Now comes the challenge! When you reach a purchase amount of 2,000 HK$ (within 1 year)within your really knowledgeable store, we evaluate (that’s personal) that you start to be serious about cooking & wine and you deserve a title : you become a Junior Chef or Junior Sommelier. To encourage you to keep on, you’ll be then granted a 3% permanent and automatic discount for 1 year, Yep. Bam! And of course, you cumulate with 1, 2, 3, 4. Bam! Bam!
Okay, so now you’re taking your training seriously. You’re buying the right tools. We don't mean that you did not have any before, but you’ve realized by now that enjoying wine & cooking wide culture and diversity is like doing sport regularly: you need the right equipment.
Recently, a really, really famous Chef (promised) told us that if having the right ingredients (not always easy already), and the right tools (here we come) do not guarantee you to succeed in cooking well, not having them guarantee you not to succeed… Reach 6,000 HK$ purchases within 1 year and you become our Deputy Chef or Sommelier!  You receive 5% permanent discount! Bam! 
Now you’re part of the circle of fine eating & fine drinking epicureans. You've realised that spending so much on quality tool make you save saving much more on daily junk food and bad wines. You now know that food & wine are the last affordable Luxury in this world.
You’ve spent the magic number 8,888 HK$ in our store: you are now our Star Chef or our Master Sommelier. Congratulations! You receive permanently 8% discount. Bam! Bam! Bam!



You get access to Members only promotions and sales price. You can see them only if you log in – yep – sorry for the others.

We believe to be all Citizen of the Earth. The price we offer is the price the brands offer in their country of Origin: we give you access in Asia to the same conditions as French or a European citizen get in France or Europe. 

It means our prices are real price. We don't inflate our price to offer fake huge promotions and fake membership advantages, a practice we've seen too much in our region. Our promotions are real promotions. Our membership advantages offer real reductions.

What matter in the end is the price you pay, not the discount you receive. For that, we are confident to offer good and fair deals.