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Unmatched frypan to perfectly grill, sear, fry and roast



Natural B is the 2 mm thick limited edition of Mineral B, the acclaimed de Buyer iron cookware innovation for years. Natural B is slightly thinner than Mineral B and therefore much lighter.  We're glad to offer you this small de Buyer production at a unique attractive price



Finishing this thick white steel pan with natural beeswax (de Buyer patented process) is not only a temporary natural anti-oxidation protection of the steel: it will favour the seasoning of that steel frypan and highly improve its natural nonstick qualities coming with the seasoning (see below for more information about Iron frypans and seasoning). 


It gets a strong and firmly riveted handle, with a French style curvature which allows you to use both your hand and your forearm when handling it while the very high flared curved shape of the skirt, with no sharp angle, enables the food to slide easily from the frying pan onto a plate or a dish. Another quality much appreciated by the Chefs. 


Cooking tips: with 2 mm thick of iron, Natural B is a robust iron pan able to sustain powerful heat sources with a perfect heat diffusion and homogeneous spreadIt will quickly reach high temperature, necessary to create the “Maillard reaction”, a cooking process which will crust and sear perfectly your meat while keeping and improving the flavor of the meat juices. It’s ideal as well to brown your potatoes and vegetables, grill, fry or deep fry anything with greater result and control against “burning them”. 


Healthy cooking material, iron pans have no coating but will nonetheless develop natural nonstick properties with time and a process called “seasoning”, which will protect them as well from rust.

Rust is a natural phenomena for iron pans. It is not dangerous, it can be removed easily and is not a default of the iron pan. The seasoning process at home will protect it.


If you’re not yet familiar with Iron pans, discover our Q. & A. about the special care they need, rust, and their seasoning.