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100% Made in France since 1924

CHASSEUR is the cast-iron casseroles & grill brand of INVICTA, one of the world rare cast-iron foundry and enameling plants. Established since 1924 in Donchery, in France, INVICTA is actually the European leader of wood & pellet stove, all made of cast-iron. It has always produced enameled casseroles, but the founder and sons who took over what was initially a family business were devoting most of their capacities and marketing budgets to creating successfully a stove European leader. Strong of its positions, its accumulated cast-iron knowledge for a century, the most recent owners have decided to give CHASSEUR the production capacities and marketing allowances it deserves: those of an extreme premium high quality of French culinary tools.

100% in-house manufacturing process, a big warranty difference...

INVICTA controls 100% of the manufacturing process in-house: design department, foundry, and surface treatment. That makes a big difference versus other cast-iron casseroles brands:

  • Being a leader in stove market makes it a massive cast-iron foundry, much bigger than any casseroles pure players, offering large economies of scale to deliver the highest quality casseroles at their real price.
  • As a French and European foundry following the highest European standards and regulations, it uses only European & traceable raw material, with all the warranty of health safety. And this is essential. Think about it. We're talking about Casseroles and food contact safety. You'll find a lot of cheap cast-iron casseroles brands in the market: be very cautious. Some foundry might not be so keen about their sourcing & tracking, going only for the cheapest. And we've heard that it is not uncommon to find bunch of heavy metal or very hazardous material for your health in some foundries cast-iron output. Don't play with your health. European standards & INVICTA tracking system are a warranty.
  • Processing cast-iron is very complex. INVICTA has a top of the art & permanent quality control tools with dedicated team all along the process. Molds not perfects, any air bubble in the melt cast-iron? The process is stopped; products are re-melt and the production adjusted to deliver the right product with the highest standards requested. Other cheap cast-iron casseroles producers might be less scrupulous and simply cover their products default by the enamel, and those products will break with time, they will not diffuse the heat perfectly as CHASSEUR casseroles do. 
  • The enameling process is very delicate and requires the highest standards. It will be in direct contact with food. INVICTA standards, again, are a warranty for safety. Be suspicious again from some very cheap price. Very few players are able to master the enameling process, Chasseur does!

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Why Enameled Cast-iron Casseroles?

Enameled cast-iron is ideal for simmering, roasting, or simply reheating thanks to its unquestionable properties:

  • spreads heat evenly, for slow cooking and saving energy
  • resistant to high temperature
  • absorbs and retains heat to keep food hot
  • compatible with all types of hob
  • easy to use and keep clean
  • hard wearing

Care recommendations

CHASSEUR sets a double layer of enamel, with black on the edges to protect from corrosion. Indeed the enamel prevent the cast-iron to oxidize, a natural consequence of iron in contact with humidity even though not dangerous for health. And it helps as well to cook with natural non-stick properties. However strong and solid, take scrupulous care of the enamel layers to keep those properties: don't use sharp tools or knives which with time will damage the enamel. Prefer using wooden tools. Don't scratch strongly when washing as well.