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Sabers & Buckets

Champagne & Sparkling wines require a different opening technics. One made popular by Napoleon consists in Sabering the cork: a spectacular way for memorable parties and events. The other, by hand, not always an easy step, for ladies especially. No worry, we’ve got the tool of ease for that too.


The legend says that Napoleon was a Champagne enthusiast and systematically celebrated his victories by sabering his Champagne with his Generals. The tradition has remained in France. Our Sabers are made by Master Cutlery C. Dozorme. Their only purpose is to Saber Champagne: they are not weapon and thus their blade is not sharp-edged.

Champagne Buckets & Bowls

The magnificent collection of pewter buckets created by OA 1710

Champagne Essential Tools

Espousing perfectly any Champagne & Sparkling cork shape, our Champagne Opener is a simple tool which let you open your bottle with ease and elegance.